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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Runner #218 - Me

(Photo Coming Soon)

I friend of mine (Jerry) has recently created his own sort of "bucket list" -- other than turning 30-something there's nothing wrong with him. Apparently one of these things was to run in a 5K race... or a race of sometype or other.

He asked me to join him, and together with another friend (Sean), we crossed this off our lists.

I had 2 goals for this race:

1) Beat both of them - Done
2) Finish strong (meaning pass as many people as possible at the end, and not allow anyone to pass me) - Done

Out of a field of 361, I finished 210th. In my defense, I wasn't running at my own pace. I ran the first mile with Sean, and the 2nd mile with Jerry. It was shortly after the 2nd mile, that I picked up my pace a little.

Now to make all you lazy couch potatoes feel especially bad, according to the official race results, the follow aged people ran in the race:

9 year-old Brady: 26min 21sec
8 year-old Tommy: 27min 53sec
9 year-old Mason: 29min 12sec
86 year-old Ruth: 60min 22sec

In addition to these, there were several 10, 11, 12, etc... that ran. Come on people, close your browser, get off your lazy butt (if this applies to you), and do something.

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Blogger Chuck said...

Congratulations to all of you.

Blogger Brett said...

Still waiting for these photos... what, are you building your own dark room?


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