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I am truly hopeful that I am adopted, and thus not as messed up as the rest of my family.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer is officially over -- for me at least

I have started up my gym membership again. I suspended it over the summer to accomodate other things, such as biking and running.

This morning was my first morning back, and boy can I tell I regressed. Though I am not terribly sore, my workout weight limits were those I had back in January.

For those who do workout and are looking to change up their routine for any reason (plateaued, bored, whatever...), change it up...

Google "workout routines" and find something you like. I believe I'm going to change mine. I started this morning with the routine I ended with back in May, but it just doesn't interest me anymore...

I am told that bodybuilding.com is a pretty good site - click on "Enter Supersite", and then workouts on the left-hand side. I'll give it a go.

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