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Friday, April 13, 2007

I am as smart as a 5th grader... so far

OK, I find myself with extra time on my hands in the last couple of weeks... I used to do system admin type things to the legacy BlazeNet/Suscom servers well into the night and starting early in the morning pretty much every day, but I was never shown appreciation or gratitude for any of my work, so F that...

So now at night (until I can get used to this extra time) I feel lost... What to do... what to do... I know, I'll just veg from time to time and watch this TV thing sitting in my living room.

For the most part, every show I've checked into is CRAP!

I do, however, find myself drawn to the Am I Smarter than a 5th Grader show. I have watched 1.5 episodes of the show so far, and have missed 2 questions... each of which, my partner (the kid on the show) got right; so I would have been saved.

The 2 questions I missed:

1 -- How many federal holidays are in the month of November? 3 was my answer (correct answer was 2). My thought process here was "The wife gets off for 4 days in November and she is a government employee. Two of these days are for Thanksgiving, so I'll go with 3 holidays."

The only federal holidays in November are Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. The other day the wife gets off for is election day. Since federal elections only occur in even numbered years, election day is not a federal holiday... my bad. Here in PA, there is an election for something every year, so she gets off every year.

2 -- What is the capital of Massachusetts? The wife and I both thought the capital was Springfield. We were wrong. And I feel so ashamed of myself. UGH!!!

The math and astronomy questions are a breeze... some of the other categories, I've had to guess a couple of times, but I've been correct so far.

I sometimes marvel at some of the answers given by some of the contestants... I'm assuming being up there and on national TV, they are more nervous than I am sitting at home, but some people are just idiots...

Last night the question was "In which state was the battle of Gettysburg fought?" While thinking through her answers, the contestant at one point thought it might be Nebraska... I believe she settled on Virginia -- her partner saved her. Nebraska?!?!?! I can almost live with Virginia (I wouldn't have thought her THAT big and idiot), but to even mention Nebraska... come on!

Also last night they had a question "What season falls completely in Daylight Saving Time?" This was asked of the same woman from above. The correct answer they wanted was Summer (she said Winter), but thanks to the new Daylight Saving Time law, Spring is now another correct answer.

Teacher, does that get me extra credit?



Blogger Old Man Kirby said...

I appreciate all your hard work rich!

Blogger Chuck said...

WOW. Seriously? F that? That knod of attitude will get you no where in the evil empire of Comacast!

I know that you are smarter than a fifth grader. Show me a fifth grader with a York College MBA!

Blogger Rich B said...

More importantly... fifth grader with a York College MBA AND the first person in York College history to walk across the graduating stage in Grumbacher Center...

Don't forget that piece of history; I'm lobbying to make it into the York College Trivial Pursuit Edition.


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