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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I AM smarter than a fifth grader!!!

Granted, I forgot that the show was on, and only watched the final 5 questions (counting the $1 million dollar), AND based upon the final category, I would have dropped out with $500,000 like the real contestant. BUT, I did know all the answers, including Alexander Hamilton being the first Secretary of the Treasury.

I even knew the answer to the 3rd grade english question that my wife, who majored in English, didn't know.



Blogger Todd said...

I've caught that show a couple times... I thought it was pretty entertaining. I haven't seen it in a while, but I guess it's gaining some popularity. Some of the morning radio shows out here have contests where people call in and try to see if their smarter than one of the morning guys with 5th grader questions. I’ve gotta admit... I've forgotten a lot of stuff since 5th grade. A lot of it I can get right, but major kudos to you on the Hamilton question...

Blogger Rich B said...

Only reason I knew that was because he is one of 2 people to grace our currency that was NOT a president.

For $1 million fake dollars, anybody able to name the other?

Blogger Brett said...

Last week's episode...

Foxworthy: When should you get your car inspected after receiving a citation for operating a vehicle past due?

5th Grader: The next day.

Foxworthy: Ooooh, sorry... looking for 2 weeks.

Blogger Rich B said...

That's a good one... I have to admit...

Follow-up question?

Upon receiving the citation and then calling to determine fine amount, when should you mail your check to pay for the citation?

Answer: (I'll let you know once I mail it.)


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