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Monday, March 26, 2007

Neo-Conservatism... Alive and well

My Monday picture posting was partly inspired by a conversation I had with my father-in-law this past Saturday.

Quick background... He and I get along great, though we each admit that we don't see eye-to-eye on political issues. For him, Fox News in the only source for honest news. For me, it's more an extension of the White House public relations office; meaning they'll report anything the White House wants them to, however they want them to report it.

I'm sure both views are extremes, and the real truth is somewhere in between -- though probably closer to my opinion on the truth continuum.

Somehow, the conversation got around to global warming (climate change), and related issues when talking on Saturday. He said the follow quote word for word... I told him I wanted to write it down, so I didn't get it wrong later.

"The environmentalists want us all living in caves and walking everywhere. This global warming issue is just their method to affect social change. There is no way humans can have an affect on the planet's climate."

I would also like to point out that (in my opinion) he feels Dick Cheney is a little too liberal at times.

I'm hoping he represents a distinct minority of the population of the planet. I am able to find a link to an open letter from the White House talking about climate change and human's role in that process...



Sorry... I'll try to get back to my Monday postings...

Pretty much how I view the Bush Administration.

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