I Must Be Adopted

I am truly hopeful that I am adopted, and thus not as messed up as the rest of my family.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Name Change

I am failing to add letters as I promised so, I'm just going to give them all here (obviously in no particular order):

t a z ! o t r e d c r l k i n r o a - that's all of them, and the "!" is pronounced "bang" ...

And to those who don't think I'm serious about changing my name, here are some links I've been to in my research for what I need to do.

Site 1
Site 2

Roofing - The 2nd Weekend.

It's DONE!

Sean is now the proud owner of a brand new roof over his family's head. This weekend wasn't quite as fun as the first one, but it's over, and that's all that matters.

We only had a maximum of 4 people on Saturday and Sunday each, but only for part of each day at that. Sean and I finished putting the felt paper down Saturday night around 10pm with his wife holding a flashlight so that we could actually see what we were doing -- roofing at night without lights is probably as difficult as you would think it is.

Sunday, I felt bad that I had to leave early for my family to come up and visit for my B-Day (it was my brother's B-Day celebration too). But one of his other friends was able to stay into the evening to help finish the shingling job.

The Josh comment of the day on Saturday came as we were removing the old nails from the roof that held the old shingles/felt paper on. To make sure the new felt paper goes down without getting any tears in it, or experiencing other problems, you either need to remove or hammer flat any nails that didn't come out when you tore the old stuff off.

As we were pulling nails out, Josh said "Man, they put these nails in here good." Yes, Josh, that's kinda the point with nails; put them in tight.

Say what you want about Josh, but he was there.

I had two boneheaded things I did -- both occurred Sunday morning. However, since this is my BLOG, I can set the stage before I tell them.

1) I'm an insomniac
2) Saturday was a very draining/tiring day -- arrived at 8am, and left at 10:30pm, 14.5 hours
3) to make sure I slept Saturday night, I took some medicine that knocks me out, and makes me VERY groggy the next day.

Bonehead thing #1 - while getting ready Sunday morning (at 7am), I attempted to put the deodorant stick to my ear... As soon as the stick got close to my ear (it didn't touch it), I realized that "this doesn't belong there."

bonehead thing #2 - while moving the 2800+ lbs. of shingles from the ground to the roof, Sean noticed the neighbor's dog across the street was standing in another neighbor's driveway. Sean remarked that they never leave the dog out by itself, unless it's in the fenced in back yard. While I stared at the dog, I asked "It's not in the fenced in back yard?" Sean's reply was "No, Rich the neighbor's driveway is NOT in the neighbor's backyard.

I realized what I said the moment I said it, but it was too late, AND again, that medicine is powerful. It's designed to completely shut you down for 8~10 hours. I was only asleep for about 7 hours.

I, however, must give HUGE props to Sean for his ingenious idea for moving the shingles to the roof. Saturday night he had built a ramp out of the wooden ladder and plywood. After some experimenting with different sleds to use on the ramp, and some overall techniques, we developed a quite effective technique to move the shingles.

Once Josh arrived Sunday morning, the moving of the shingles went smoothly -- with 3 people nobody had to race up the ladder once the sled was loaded. (photos to follow shortly.)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Dog and his friends

I know everyone thinks their pet is the bestest, most popular ever (yes, I know bestest is not a word), but my dog has his own gang of human friends, along with dog friends.

There are several kids in the neighborhood that often come to the door, ring the bell and ask

"Can Bailey come out to play?"

The really weird thing about this, is that all of these kids have their own dogs at home, and larger type dogs they can wrestle/play with. Sometimes they bring their dogs, but often not.

One of our neighbors just had a little girl. The day after they brought the baby home, they were at the fence introducing the baby to Bailey, and video taping it.

Another neighbor likes to have cook-outs in her back yard for her friends. Seemingly every time she has one, her and her guests come over to visit Bailey.

Below are come pictures of Bailey, Connor, and Johnny -- I think Johnny is Bailey's favorite human friend, because Johnny likes to play rough.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Roofers Inc.

This past weekend, several of us got together to put a new roof on Sean's house. The original plan called for us to do both roofs (he has a two tier roof), but we were only able to complete the main roof -- the 2nd tier. We are doing the other roof this coming weekend.

I must say for a bunch of weekend amateurs, we did a GREAT job, and nobody fell off the roof, or even got hurt.

Below are some pictures.

The legs of this ladder went into the first-tier roof.

Picture of the part that was in the roof... That's about 2'.

Couple of the workers (I'm included... can you guess who's who?)

This is all the higher Josh would come.

Troy was the only one to come close to getting hurt or falling.
He found a weak spot in Sean's roof.
Note: no workers were injured in this re-enactment of the incident.