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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mount St. Traci

Well, it has finally happened... My brother (herein known as "the boy") has finally caused the wife (Traci) to explode -- she even dropped the Fun word (note the capital F in Fun... you should be able to figure out which word this is)!

She didn't explode at him, as in yelling or berating him, but at his logic and/or arguments in a discussion.

First, let me say that both the wife and I enjoy challenging each other and arguing our viewpoints to each other when they differ -- which isn't too often, after all we have many of the same beliefs; this is what helps make us compatible for each other. At the end of these discussions, we may walk away frustrated that the other person is an idiot for not seeing the obviously correct side of the discussion (our own side), but there are never linger feelings of anger or resentment; like I said we enjoy these challenges.

As such, we also enjoy engaging in discussions with others, if they can make intelligent or interesting arguments for their point of view. This is sometimes how you learn things you might otherwise not know; there is nothing wrong with this.

Enter the boy... I don't get it. He's a paradox on so many levels. I know he's intelligent, yet he's an idiot. He knows tons about finance (he works in this industry), but he sucks at applying his knowledge on a personal level. Many, many, many times, my conversations with him end with me walking away rubbing my head, mumbling things like "it hurts so much..." I just don't get his logic, more correctly -- lack of logic at times.

Well, the wife has now had the experience. Typically she doesn't get involved in our discussions because often they are about things she is either not interested in, or doesn't want to get involved for other reasons.

As it turns out for 2 straight nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) the 3 of found ourselves discussing seemingly trivial things that have led to bigger issues. The first night was centered on the English language (Dan, if you think I'm picky about the rules of the English language, you've NEVER dealt with Traci.) I'll leave the details out, but note that we have started to call Jeff (the boy), jEEff (pronounce a long E sound) as a joke.

Last night, however, the discussion started innocently on a subject -- the Punk Rock Straight-Edge movement -- a little closer to Traci's personal experiences, and just spiraled down from there. Remember, Traci was a goth chick in high school. I often envision her father (HUGE neo-conservative guy), dropping her off at the "uppity/preppy" school she attended, dressed as she was... and chuckle. Not to mention the girl was wicked smart and I'm sure drew some confounding stares from the probably conservative faculty. She even started a campaign to oust the headmaster from the school, which I believe she won... I'll check on that fact.

For those who want to know the details of last night's discussion, read between the set of asterisks --

According to jEEff, this movement was started by a couple that endured a horrific experience and blamed it on the hard and heavy drugs they were using at the time, and just woke-up one day and swore off all of this, pulling a complete 180-degree in their lifestyle -- I can find no reference to this incident anywhere as a starting point for the movement.

OK... doesn't matter if that story is true or an urban legend meant to inspire people. I say anything along these lines that can help inspire or encourage someone to turn their life around, more power to it.

The boy's arguments center around -
1) he does not believe it possible for anyone to wake-up one day and do a 180. No matter what has happened, or what traumatic event occurred - it's just not possible. I'll even grant him that most who try this fail (I don't know the statistics for this), and there aren't many that fall into this category to begin with. But according to him, there is absolutely zero percent chance this can or has ever occurred. He will concede (I think) that over time people can make changes, but that these changes are drawn-out, and invariably will not be completely opposite to where they started.

2) Most who claim something along this line, relate or tie this in with finding religion. Jeff is an explicit atheist. As such (and I would suppose most people would agree with him on this), he has problems when people claim to have found religion to help clear their name with society, or when they do things against individuals or society in the name of religion.

Despite some off the cuff examples of people we know who have made changes in their lives after experiencing a traumatic event -- someone has a heart attack and resolves themselves to get healthy and improve their lifestyle. According to him, if they would then go even one day without exercising or working-out, they have not pulled a 180.

I should have suggested he attend a couple of AA meetings or things along these lines. I'm not suggesting that everyone or even the majority of people have had an epiphany and have immediately pulled their life around, but I'm willing to bet you wouldn't have to look all that long and hard to find someone, and again...

So what if ALL these stories are urban legends... If they help just one person to improve their life, isn't it worth it? Yes, it's a white lie, but doesn't the end justify the means in this case?

His response was no. Since nobody can possibly pull a 180, there should not be any stories even suggesting this.

The exact discussion didn't go word for word like the above, and believe it or not I have left out large chunks. But the general gist is there. At any rate, the 10+ minute discussion ended with Traci dropping the Fun word, and saying "I can't take it any more. It hurts so much..."

My response to her... "Welcome to my world!"

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My NOT so Super Powers

First, let me say that growing up, my favorite superhero was Spiderman. In a short while you'll understand the importance of this.

In a recent post I had made reference to a blogable event that was on-going that would be revealed soon... Well here it is.

Short time ago, I had noticed a bug bite on my hand. Upon examination, the bite was swollen, and had a red outer ring, but the area immediately around the bite was pretty much pure white. There were really no other symptoms at the time.

Upon telling the wife (she was with me when I noticed the bite), she immediately latched onto the idea that I had the beginnings of Lyme's Disease. My reaction, was "you're crazy!" As the next several days passed, joints in my right arm (hand included), shoulders, and some in my left arm started to get sore.

Researching the symptoms of Lyme disease, I had many (but not all the symptoms.) The most prominent were the red ring around the white bite, sore joints, and fatigue. I have to admit that during this period of time, I was EXTREMELY tired pretty much all the time -- I'm pretty sure it was work related, but hey... maybe I did have Lyme disease...

So I went and got tested. Results are negative. So, what was the bug bite, and reason for my symptoms? Current theory by my doctor was that I was bitten by a spider, and the spider's toxin would account for the bite mark and my sore joints... fatigue? Probably work, but could/maybe/possibly be somewhat related... but probably work.

SO... I was bitten by a spider... Given that I live less than 10 miles from the site of the worst Nuclear incident in US History, I'm hoping it was an irradiated spider... That would give me Spidey Powers! (note the Spiderman tie-in).

While waiting for my powers to develop, the wife and I talked about what they would be (she was humoring me). I told her, it would be GREAT to develop the web shooting thing, but that I was worried about where I would be shooting from. A spider pretty much shoots from their rear-end. I don't think York would appreciate me swinging around the great metropolis that it is, shooting spider web from my behind.

The fact that the movie version of Spiderman developed the web shooting from his wrists was just luck (hollywood luck). Think about it, for a spider pretty much all of their appendages are the same; what would stop me from developing the web shooters in my ankles for example? Come on... this is me and my luck we are talking about.

Super strength, improved/perfect eyesight? I'll take it, but with my luck, I'd develop the 6 extra eyes, and need another 3 pair of glasses because I'd have the same crappy vision. Nevertheless, I was optimistic.

Well, I am happy to report that it would appear that I do possess some spider powers, but true to my luck (crappy luck), it is pretty much worthless.

My power is: I can more often than not catch flies out of the air as they buzz around the house. At least I have been very successful as of late in catching flies out of mid-air.

Not such a super-power as super-powers go. Crap!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Pug Yoda

This post is dedicated to Chuck... Came across this picture on the Internet last night.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It's a day late (technically 2 since I am writing this at 00:13 on October 16th), but this past Sunday was the wife and I's first anniversary.

Don't worry... I didn't forget about it either with her, or with respect to the blog... I just choose to NOT do any computer related activities for the last several days.

Now a question for all you married folks out there... When does this marital bliss thing kick-in? I figure it's kinda like runner's high... after a certain amount of distance(time), the pain ebbs it's way into a euphoric high, right? So, when can I expect it to start?

Just kidding (wife reads this, and wanted to pull her chain a little)... life on the home front is pretty darn good... exception is the brother living in the basement, but into every life, a little family must fall, right? Even that isn't sooo bad. Could/Will be better once he moves out, but that's MONTHS down the road.

The wife and I took an extra long weekend -- 4 days -- and spent time doing whatever we wanted. Went to Philadelphia for a day, hung around the house, ran some errands, etc.. I finally had time to go to the eyeglass place and pick out a new pair; my last pair was again broken while playing with my dog, and for the last several months, I have been wearing my prescription sunglasses around both day and night... I just hadn't had time to go, and when I did have time, I honestly didn't feel like doing anything.

For our anniversary dinner, we went to Morton's steakhouse down at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. She and I first broached the idea of marriage at a Morton's steakhouse while celebrating her passing the bar several years ago, so I figured we'd just go back to where it all started.

Oh, the wife and I joined a gym on Sunday as well. Now that summer is over, and the decent running weather is almost at a close, I won't be running, and the wife won't be biking. We figured we take this time and start up at a gym. Went through the whole sales pitch thing, because we are currently "trying it out for a week free", so they made us work with a membership counselor, who gave us a tour (very nice facility), and then started in with a hard sell. Even went as far as to give us individual body fat analysis's.

Mine came back at 15%... I'm in the excellent range on the charts. Kinda took the wind out of his sails. I am NOT, however, in any kind or exceptional shape... decent - yes, exceptional - no... still loads of areas I want to work on. I hope to use this blog as a quick place to track progress... not for any purpose, other than to force myself to keep going. Figure if I post results for the world to see, I'll be more likely to stick with it. I will make it known now though, that I really only want to go regularly in late fall/winter/early spring time; once good outside weather returns, I would like to get back to running and biking.... we'll see.

But starting... well now, it's back to work. I am writing this blog entry as I wait for a process to complete in a maintenance I am doing for work right now. Remember my last entry -- the maintenance that didn't go too well? -- well, I'm at it again. This time, things are going much better.

We'll, I'd better finish up, as the process should almost be done. Off to bed, and up bright and early for another GREAT day at work.

P.S. I'm all a flutter... in a couple more hours I get to see Tiger Army in concert. Pity sarcasm can't show through too well in a typing medium. The wife is becoming a big fan, and I (the loving husband) am accompanying her to the concert tonight.

See ya later.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Baaackkk

I realize it's been a while. Received an email addressed from Chuck to our Fantasy Football League, wondering if we should file a missing person's report. Thanks for the concern Chuck. I'll do a better job keeping up, and thanks for the concern.

Have several blog worthy things to say now (they'll follow this post), and couple of things in the works, but don't want to ruin them. I should be able to post about one sometime next week... the other is months down the road, and when I blog it, you'll probably not associate it with this post, but this event/saga/episode is taking a considerable amount of time at the present.

Other than this... let's see...

Works sucks
Life is good
Stock Market is down
and I'm done.

Until next time...

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It's an honor just to be nominated

Everyone who know's me personally, knows that the wife is an attorney. She currently works for the local Public Defender's Office, in the juvenile defense unit -- she represents juveniles who have criminal charges against them for a whole myriad of reasons.

She's been doing this particular job for almost 2 years now. Just recently, York County held their annual court officials awards cermony -- there's no hoopla or pomp and circumstance associated...

The wife was nominated for 2007 Juvenile Court Official of the year. We are not sure how you get nominated (and to be honest didn't even know until a couple of days prior to the ceremony), but she was indeed nominated.

Unfortunately she lost... but she lost to a York County Judge, so that's not too bad... kinda hard to beat a judge. She was, however, the only attorney nomitated. It was between her and 2 judges.

Next year, we plan to run a smear campaign starting a couple of months before. We'll need volunteers. I'll keep you posted.

Seriously, I am proud of the wife; she does good work. Nice to get recognized.


Where has the red gone?

The wife has been a red-head her entire life (29+ years), until...

She came back from her last hair appointment, and her hair was no longer red... Holy Mackerel...

You probably want to know what color it is... It's a dark brown (with some very faint red highlights.)

Not sure she'll let me take a picture, but we'll see.